Nate Reimers


Nate is an Audio Engineer/Producer. He also work for Frequency Studios as a booking agent/event and artist manager as well as in Hans Music Spot in Croydon. He is the lead singer and guitarist of a Metalcore band called Ignite Antares.

Tyller Fischer

Tyller is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Victoria who has found lots of success gigging and busking all around Victoria, as well as winning multiple singing competitions with her unique and heartfelt original music. Tyller was the winner of the Teenage category of last year’s Croydon Busking Festival and is back this year to encourage the juniors.

Margaret Krajnc


Margaret is a  Hula Hooping Illustrator!
She is a freelance illustrator with a love for circus, particularly hula hooping and aerial silks.
Her illustrations and her circus performances often portray a story that has a quirky sense of humour.
She love using a variety of media to bring her characters to life, from creating a costume or prop, hair that defies gravity or illustrating.

Jeff Springfield

Jeff has worked across many fields in the professional music industry for the last 20 years as a performer, audio engineer and event manager. He owns and operates Hillside Music Studios in Belgrave and has been the entertainment and production manager for Sooki Lounge over the last 3 years.