Easter Egg Hunt 2023

Come Down to Croydon Main Street and join in on an

Easter  Hunt Hunt for 2023

Hop into Croydon with the kids for our fun-filled Pre-Easter Funday!

We will have a hunt with Cadbury eggs to find in various stores along the Croydon Main Street Shops !

And if you’re feeling peckish, don’t forget we have a large list of all types of Cuisine to tame those Hunger Pains .


Bring your family & friends for a Pre-Easter celebration and best of all it is FREE !

Grab a map from the town square location and follow the easter ears to see if the Easter Bunny has left some behind. Croydon Main Street Shopping bags are provided to collect any in.

Hula Hooping Easter Bunny will be around to assist if need be.

Please Book your place as they are Limited !