Living Croydon History Art Project

The real birth of what is now the urban settlement of Croydon commenced when the railway passed through the district in 1882. A lot happened since then and Croydon Main Street Traders think they should restore and nurture the rich history of Croydon and decided to translate it into a contemporary public art installation for the latter generation.

A board has been formed to develop the Croydon’s Living History project, which will contain several public art installations through Main Street and the laneways. The first public art installation would take place in the laneway next to Bloom Hearing on Main Street, Croydon. We would like to invite artists to express their interest in choosing one historical aspect of Croydon and turn that into contemporary public art.

Thank you to Maroondah City Council for the support through the Maroondah Community Grant 2017.

Application is open till Sunday 29 April.

Please click to following links to view brief or application form and supporting documents:

Croydon Living History Brief

Living Croydon History Public Art Application Form

Appendix 1 Walk around Main Street Croydon