Chin National Day 2022

74th Chin National Day

Come and enjoy a Summer Festival down at Main Street Croydon and celebrate a late afternoon of cultural performances from our Chin Community.

There will be plenty to see, do and taste !

* Cultural Dances
* Singing
* Fashion Show
* Childrens Face Painting
* Jumping Castle
* Craft Tables
* Traditional Food Stalls

Chin National Day is a day to celebrate being Chin, a day to celebrate identity, culture and traditions, a day to tell everyone in the world who Chin are and where they come from.

Chin National Day falls on the 20th of February.

The Chin people all over the world celebrate this auspicious day in their own way and scale of capability. Culture troupe from various tribes were brought together on this special occasion to promote understanding, sense of identity and most of all unity in diversity.

“Chin National Day” is designated on 20 February to commemorate the “General Assembly of Chinland” held in 1948.

The Chin National Education Development Organization was formed in 1918, the Chin Hills Union Organization was established in 1928, nine proposals by Chin leaders were accepted for discussion at a general meeting in 1938, and the General Assembly of Chinland was held in 1948.

Many Chin people remember these events as expressions of their patriotism and their desire for their own state.

At the 1948 General Assembly, Chin leaders discussed the hardships of Chin people under hereditary chiefs, who imposed heavy taxes and subjected their people to forced, unpaid labor. The assembly initiated the establishment of a democratic administrative system in Chin areas.

Myanmar’s first prime minister, U Nu, attended the first Chin National Day celebration in Mindat in 1951. But later, Myanmar’s military rulers previously tried to replace Chin National Day with “Chin State Day”, which Chin people saw as an attempt to erase their national identity.

Following negotiations with the Chin National Front in 2013, the Thein Sein government finally recognized Chin National Day.

We will have the road Blocked off in Croydon Main Street between Hewish Road and Lacey Street
A Stage will be set at one end of the street to have the Showcase of Traditional Dance of traditional routines in traditional attire and a cultural performance of music and traditional fashion.

Bring your Friends and Family down and enjoy the Chin National Day.

* This is an alcohol and drug free event