September Holiday Program

September 16th – 30th Everyday

Construction Scavenger Hunt

Get ready for a thrilling adventure of creativity and discovery with our Children’s Construction Scavenger Hunt competition!

Calling all young builders, engineers, and problem solvers to join us for a day of fun and imagination. This exciting event will challenge participants to hunt for hidden construction materials, each with a unique purpose, scattered throughout our Main Street area.

With their scavenger map in hand, kids will embark on a quest to collect the answers from all around the street.  It’s a fantastic opportunity for children to unleash their inner architects and engineers, all while having a blast!

So, gather your little builders, let their imaginations run wild, and watch as they construct an amazing masterpiece. Join us for a day of innovation, laughter, and endless possibilities at the Children’s Construction Scavenger Hunt competition – where every child is a budding architect in the making!

Pick up a Puzzle Sheet at Specsavers Croydon, 138 Main Street.

Work out the Answers to win your Prize!

FREE ACTIVITY – Starting Saturday September 16th – Saturday 30th

Saturday 16th September – 11.30am to 1.30pm

Community Fun Day – 2nd Birthday Celebrations at Building Better Brains

Join us in our FREE community event to celebrate the Building Better Brains 2nd Birthday Party at our clinic in Croydon! Whilst BBB has been long established, we are celebrating our 2nd birthday in the Main St of Croydon and invite our neighbourhood and community to celebrate with us.

Come along for a piece of cake, face painting, balloons, arts and craft activities, appearance by our very own Fairy Mary, photo booth, clinic tours and goodie bags for the first 50 visitors as well as the opportunity to win a hamper of prizes from our local stores and businesses!

Get up close and personal with some endearing fluffy creatures by All Animal Rescues with their menagerie of Australian native animals and create a keepsake Picture Perfect Plate ($30 each) to commemorate the day with all proceeds going to All Animal Rescues. It’s going to be a great celebration and we hope to see you there!


Tuesday 19th September – 10am to 2pm

Build & Play Lego Adventures

Croydon Main Street comes to life with a Lego Building Session Event.

LEGO building mini-sessions to foster creativity and camaraderie amongst a group. In this exciting and imaginative endeavor, young minds come together, armed with colorful bricks and boundless ideas, to craft unique creations from their imagination. We encourage problem-solving skills and also inspire teamwork as they collaborate, share, and learn from one another. As they construct their LEGO masterpieces, kids discover the power of creativity, innovation, and friendly competition, all while forging lasting friendships. It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to build not only with bricks but also with each other.

The local Umbrella at 70 Main Street Croydon will be the location for this Croydon Main Street Event.

Tuesday September 19th , 2023 – 10.00am – 1.00pm !

Have some lunch and a coffee and enjoy Croydon Main Street !

Bookings are essential to come along to the sessions!


Wednesday 20th September – 10am to 1pm

Animals on the Move at Croydon Town Square

Join us for a heartwarming rendezvous with the cutest baby farm animals you’ve ever laid eyes on! It’s a day filled with “oohs” and “aahs” as The Square comes alive with adorable calves, fluffy lambs, bouncy goats, pint-sized piglets, quacking ducks, honking geese, strutting roosters, clucking hens, cuddly rabbits, delightful guinea pigs, and chirping chicks.

On Wednesday, September 20th, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, bring your family and friends to experience the joy of farm life right here in Croydon Main Street. Don’t forget to reserve your spot, as bookings are essential to ensure everyone gets their fill of baby and animal love. Make memories and savor a day filled with laughter, adorable antics, and a taste of the countryside, all in the heart of Croydon!


Wednesday 20th September – 10am to 1pm

Croydon Camera House

Join Dani during the school holidays in a class specifically designed to teach photography those aged 10-16 years.

All skill levels welcome as we introduce you into the world of using a DSLR with interchangeable lenses. Learn how to shoot off auto mode, learning about shutter speed, aperture, ISO and more. We will also touch on creative elements such as composition, perspective, tips and techniques. The aim of this workshop is to get confident using a DSLR camera.

No camera? No problem! We will have Sony A6400 mirrorless DSLR cameras (complete with lenses) available for you to use for the duration of the workshop. You’re also welcome to bring your own camera with you. Please bring an SD card with you so that you can take your digital files home. Any size and type of SD card is fine, they are available to purchase in store from $14.95.


• 3-hour practical tuition

• Printed ‘Introduction to DSLR cameras’ booklet to take home

• Printed ‘Photography Cheat Sheet’ to take home

• Use of a Sony A6400 mirrorless DSLR camera

For further information, please contact the store on (03) 9725 3816 or email [email protected]

Friday 22nd September – 10am to 12pm

A Session with Adam Wallace

Adam Wallace is a New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling author whose mum and dad have bought every single one of his books! He has written books on how to draw, on how to be gross, on seriously clumsy kids and even on a boy with one arm!

He will be at Croydon Town Square to show you how to draw and have some laughs along the way, he can sign any of his books that are for sale from Collins Booksellers Croydon.  Author of Fartboy #1 , How to catch the easter Bunny, How to catch a Leprechaun and more, How to catch a Dinosaur !

FREE Event from 10am – 12pm

Monday September 25th – 10am to 1pm


Croydon Main Street comes to life with a Reptile Static Display Event.

Croydon Town Square will have tanks for viewing as well as animals roving with staff for photo opportunities with us all. Tanks will feature some of the more popular but more fragile animals such as frogs, insects, baby pythons and native rodents. Our crocodiles, lizards and larger pythons are out and about to meet you!

The Square comes to life with Reptiles Monday September 25th , 2023 – 10.00am – 1.00pm !

Drop in and see the Reptiles, have some lunch and enjoy Croydon Main Street !

Bookings are essential to come along and see the displays!



Tuesday 26th September – 10am to 3pm

Academy of Magic (5-12 years old)

Join us as we unveil the secrets of the mystical at our Academy of Wonder! A full day of enchantment as young wizards journey through our spellbinding rooms! ️ Unravel spells & stories in art! Compose magical melodies & mystical moves in music & dance.️ Create bubbling potions in science & ️whip up enchanted dishes in cauldron cooking! Unlocking the magic within each child & embarking on a spellbinding adventure like no other, children will embark on a thrilling journey of discovery, exploration & self-expression whilst improving their pro-social skills. A great way to spend the day with a friend or make new friends! Reserve your spot now at the Building Better Brains Academy of Wonder for a day of spell-tacular fun! Includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a special gift for each participants

$388.56 per person for this all day program. NDIS, non funded & Funded options available, Call 03 8719 1218 or email

Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd & Thursday 28th – 2pm to 5pm

Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons (ages 9-14)- Thurs 21st Sept 2023, 2-5pm

Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons (18+)- Thurs 22nd Sept 2023, 2-5pm

Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons (15-18)- Thurs 28th Sept 2023, 2-5pm

Have you ever wanted to try Dungeons and Dragons but been intimidated by the textbook-length rule book? Wanted to try it but didn’t have anyone to run the games or play with? This group will give you an introduction to the game and what it involves. Create a character, learn the basic rules and get an idea of what D&D is all about by participating in a short adventure! In this engaging D&D program, you will even learn the skills to start your own game, as well as develop self confidence, self-expression, pro-social skills, critical thinking and collaborative problem solving skills in this creatively adventurous and fun group! Includes a light afternoon tea. Enrol your children now or enrol yourself to create a fun D&D game at home with your family and friends!

$233.15 per person for this 3 hour program. NDIS, non funded & Funded options available, Call 03 8719 1218 or email