Save a cup, bring your mug

In Australia, we throw more than 1 billion disposable cups in the bin every year (about 50,000 cups every 30 minutes), and a huge percentage of those cups are unrecyclable.'(Broadsheed)

Croydon Main Street Cafes have decided  to take responsibility and save as much waste as they can starting with coffee cups.

Cafes proudly support the ‘Save a cup bring your mug’ movement that encourage customers to bring mugs to their favorite  local cafes.

Most cafes accept BYO mugs and many of them even offer incentives to motivate customers to environment conscious  thinking. These are tiny steps for the environment, but if we are in it as a whole we can walk together a long way!

Here is a list of cafes where you can bring your own mugs and the incentives they offer:

(Click on the cafes to see contact details)

Acai Brothers  50c off

Bekendales 50c off

Cafe Kids Boutique

Croydon Village Café 30c off

Croydon Ice Cream Cafe 50c off

Kofi Beans 20c off

Littorio’s Cafe

Taste of Africa Cafe & Deli 50c off

Zelena Cafe Bar & Restaurant

Purchase a keep a cup at


Croydon Village Café

Zinger’s Café

TJ’s on Main

Mr Beans

Kofi Beans