My Fabulous Massage


Shop 4, 50 Main st, Croydon. Entrance in Lacey Street opposite Barry Plant Real Estate


03 9725 8368

Trading Hours

10:00am to 6:30
10am to 6:30pm
10am to 6:30pm
10pm to 6:30pm
10pm to 6:30pm
10pm to 6:30pm
10pm to 6:30pm, will stay open if booking is recieved prior to 6pm

Revive your senses and relax in the warm comfortable surrounds at My Fabulous Massage. Immerse yourself in the true essence of massage, with captivating fragrances, warm oils and the sounds of the 50’s and 60’s, combined to create a warm, soothing experience.Our clientele can choose from a range of specialized massage therapies and can avail themselves to a free foot massage while in the waiting room.** Remedial & deep tissue massage ** A therapeutic treatment consisting of techniques targeting the body’s natural pressure points. Through the application of gradual levels of pressure and various strokes in key area, this form of massage helps stimulate blood flow, release toxins, aid the healing and repair of body tissue and improve the health of cells and muscles.** Relaxation massage **Through gentle gliding strokes of flowing pressure, we place the mind, body and soul in a state of deep relaxation. Using tender and soothing technique, this massage aids bodily circulation, muscle tension headaches, stress related symptoms and natural restoration and rejuvenation to the epidermis.