Croydon Coworking Space

Why work at the Croydon Coworking Space?

So you’re working on a great business. You might be flying solo or in a small team, but you’ve got big dreams.

Only problems is that your office space is killing you.

  • Working at home is lonely and distracting.
  • Working at the coffee shop is unprofessional.
  • Working at the library is too restrictive.
  • Renting a private office full time is waaay too expensive.

So what’s your option?

Coworking. The awesome new concept that is empowering small business by providing super affordable office space by sharing it with other like minded workers and entrepreneurs.

The Croydon Coworking Space is now open and offering you great opportunities like flexible workstation options, private meeting spaces, and access to business development and networking events, from as little as $60 per week and all in the fantastic location of Croydon Main St.

Let us help you take your business to the next level and check us out in person by booking an inspection so you can see for yourself!

Current offers

First Week Free !

Come and Try Croydon Coworking Space

You're welcome to come and work for a week and make sure it's a great fit - get in contact now!

Ph: 0490 854 836

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