Harcourts Choice

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We bring all the contemporary elements of real estate together. The art, the science … the people, the passion!
THE ART. We are your marketing professionals. We bring your home to the market with uniqueness and creativity – tailoring an individualised marketing strategy to reach the right buyers for your home.
Our team of marketing specialists collaborate to create the most stylish targeted results in the printed and electronic & social media … photography with flair, copywriting with depth, and we even offer the services of our interior designer to help with the visual presentation of your home.
And it’s all done in consultation with you. No surprises. Not a cent spent unnecessarily, or without your approval.
THE SCIENCE. Supported by the most innovative technology and training, we simply work smarter. So … our people can single-mindedly concentrate on selling your home, not chasing our tails!
AND we understand the ‘science’ of modern negotiation. Times have changed. Negotiation is not about ‘heavy-handed tactics’ or working to the ‘point of least resistance’; it’s about really understanding the needs and motivations of your potential purchasers, so that we can optimise the selling price of your home, on your behalf.
THE PEOPLE. Well, we love what we do! On a global level, Harcourts is the fastest growing real estate group in Australasia. But Harcourts Choice is owned and operated by people just like you … we live locally; we’re families that share in the pleasures of our local parks, sporting clubs, schools, cafes. And we come together, with our years of real estate expertise, with one clear focus … to deliver an entirely fresh and energetic approach to servicing our clients. And in doing so, we bring back the old-fashioned, but never outdated, ‘service with a smile’!
THE PASSION. Passion for what you do isn’t something you can fake! Come and meet our special people; experience our instinctive desire to please our clients; enjoy the rewards of our professionalism; and share in our sales successes.