Lash & Dash by Rebel Gold

Lash & Dash is a boutique salon that specialises in the art of Eyelash Extensions. Our Salons are located in the Bayside suburb of Cheltenham & Croydon close the the Yarra Valley. Our salons have been designed with a luxurious feel to provide our clients with a relaxing and inviting experience.
We specialise in safe and customised Eyelash Extension Artistry. Our expert Lash Artists conduct thorough consultations to provide a perfect design for each individual using our customised “Choose Your Style” methodology. We provide classic individual eyelash extensions, using only premium synthetic lashes that are curled to imitate a natural lash and provide a stunning appearance

Hey & WELCOME to Lash & Dash , it’s so nice to meet you!
If you haven’t tried our Luxury Eyelash Extensions salon yet then we’d love to offer you a special gift so that you can experience us for yourself!
We just LOVE meeting new people and would love for you to see why our salon guests are raving about us! 🙏
Just say *ME PLEASE* on the Facebook Link advertisement and we will PM you with a free $50 welcome voucher to put towards your first Full Set Of Eyelash Extensions with us!!

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