WE ARE OPEN … read more…

To all of our amazing cutomers of Croydon and Surrounds….

Congratulations on surviving the challenges put to us yet again with not only the Circuit Breaker Lockdown, followed by Mother Nature and her elements the Wind and the Rain.

The Power is back on and the shops along Main Street Croydon precinct are OPEN for all your needs.

Your resilience, ability to flex and adapt to the EVER changing environment is inspirational.

Our Hearts and Best Wishes go out to those that have suffered Damage and Loss over the past couple of days.

We wish you Well and Strength, A Community that pulls together in our time of need is inspiring.
It is now as important as ever to support our Communities Small Businesses as much as we can.

“The same boiling water that softens the potatoe, hardens the egg, its what you are made of. Not the circumstances”

We all say Thank you – from Croydon Main Street.