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What we do

The role of the Croydon Main Street Traders Association (CMSTA) is to promote and coordinate the precinct and provide services and events to the local community with funds collected by a special rate and marketing levy. We also work in partnership with key stakeholders to increase the visual appeal and safety of the precinct.

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Special Rate and Charge Scheme

The Special Rate and Charge Scheme (SRCS) is an agreement between the Maroondah City Council and the Croydon Main Street Traders Association (CMSTA) to raise funds to achieve key goals of the association, including marketing, promotions, and events.

The SRCS is reviewed and renewed every five years. As part of the renewal process, the CMSTA must present a survey to the council, providing written support from at least 50 per cent of the local businesses.

All businesses within the Croydon Main Street precinct have enjoyed the benefits of the scheme since the early 1990s, which have contributed to Croydon’s transformation into a vibrant and thriving neighbourhood.


Growing our local community goes hand in hand with caring for our environment and creating a sustainable Croydon. For this reason, we have implemented the following initiatives:

1. ‘Save a cup, bring your mug’

Our cafes joined this movement to cut back on disposable cups going to landfill. To promote this cause, we offer discounts to patrons who bring their own cups to cafes.

2. Reusable bags

Our association is working to reduce the use of plastic bags by offering reusable cotton bags to customers shopping in the precinct.


Connecting with the community is the essence of the association. We’re constantly working to find new channels to reach customers and improve the more traditional means of communication.


We use social media (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube) to regularly update our followers on the latest promotions, events, and competitions from our traders, as well as to build an online community.

We also send out regular email newsletters to our database of 3,000+ subscribers with news and updates from the precinct.


We created a printed traders directory in 2016 to boost awareness of our local businesses, as well as a Senior Discount Guide in 2018. Today, both publications are available in local Croydon shops.


Croydon traders feature regularly on local radio stations. Our daily ads on Eastern FM and Light FM, as well as regular appearances in the Morning Show and other prime time programs, means that more and more customers are hearing about the great businesses and events in Croydon.

San Carlos Walk, Croydon


One of the main benefits of being incorporated as the CMSTA is being able to apply for various grants from local and state governments. To date, we have achieved the following:

  • We successfully applied for and received $435,000 to upgrade 14 existing cameras within our precinct and install seven new cameras in the Croydon Town Centre and Croydon Park
  • The Croydon Connects project has created a well-lit and attractive link from Croydon railway station to Croydon Civic Centre and Swinburne TAFE
  • We won an arts grant from the Croydon Historical Public Art Project, which was spent on the installation of ‘The Fruit Thief’ at 109 Main Street, an interactive and historical public artwork
  • We received $3,725 from the Multicultural Commission to assist with the organisation of the 2019 Croydon Multicultural Festival.
  • We received $50,000 from Business Victoria the Business Chambers and Traders Groups Grant. Which enabled an upgrade to the Croydon Main Street website, workshop and training for traders and a music event after lockdown.