The Fruit Thief

Croydon Living History Art Project

Idea behind the artwork

The real birth of what is now the urban settlement of Croydon commenced when the railway passed through the district in 1882. A lot happened since then and Croydon Main Street Traders think they should restore and nurture the rich history of Croydon and decided to translate it into a contemporary public art installation for the latter generation.

A board has been formed in April 2018 to develop the Croydon’s Living History project, which will contain several public art installations through Main Street and the laneways.

The Croydon Main Street Traders Association (CMSTA) is pleased to announced the birth of the first public art installation, THE FRUIT THIEF which is in the laneway next to ANZ Bank and Bloom Hearing, 109 Main Street, Croydon.


An interactive wall mural depicting the wings of a fruit bat. The winged mammals were prevalent when large tracts of Croydon were occupied by fruit orchards. The fruit bat, native to Australia plays an important ecological role by dispersing seeds and pollen of native Australian plants.

We encourage visitors to take photos and post it to social media with #thefruitthief #croydonmainstreet #artsinmaroondah


Roger Archbold is an award-winning creative who lives and works in Maroondah. Roger has worked for some of Australia’s largest advertising agencies as an Art Director, Designer and Studio Manager. His design work has won Gold Awards in Graphis Design 2014 and Graphis Typography 3 and a Platinum Award in Graphis Logo 9.

Andy Drewitt is a multimedia artist living and working in Maroondah. He has produced work for organisations including Melbourne Museum, The Age, AFL, State Library of Victoria, and RMIT. His work has been shown internationally and in Australia and is recognised with two Walkley Awards, two Quill Awards, two Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers Awards and a United Nations Media Peace Prize.

Special Mention

CMSTA would like to say thank you to the artists Roger and Andy for bringing this unique, interactive art piece to Croydon.

Thank you to Belinda Robertson and Richard Holt from Maroondah City Council Arts and Cultural Development Team and Business Development Team for their ongoing professional support.

Croydon Main Street Traders Association acknowledges the support of Maroondah City Council’s Community Grants Funding Program/ Arts and Cultural Grants Scheme.

Media publication

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