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CMSTA Committee Meeting 26.04.22

CMSTA Committee Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, April 26th 2022, 5.30pm – Paris Kitchen

Apologies –

Minutes from previous meeting – 22..02.2022
Business arising from those minutes …..
Council Report – Chris / Sam / Georgia
Financial Report – Russell / Sandra
Marketing Report – Sam
a. Easter Hunt Complete – Total costs $ 4056.07 : Notes for next time, lollipops, more eggs, feedback was great, more bookings in shops, more sales for future shoppers
b. Upcoming – Croydon Farm – May 21st – 210 Tickets available – SOLD 140 on the first day of Facebook Post – Collins will do Story Time @ 12pm
c. International Donut Day ??
d. Scavenger Hunt ??
e. Ride to work day with MCC ??
General Business –
a. Shop Status on Main Street – Sam has List – Moving in and Moving Out
b. Speakers in Town Square
c. Artwork Idea around Public Toilet Space at Town Square

Next Meeting – April 26th – Location TBA