Building Better Brains

We offer therapeutic services with registered counsellors and clinical play therapists with over 30 years combined experience working with kids, teenagers and parents. We work in a highly creative, hands on way that puts the client first in any process. We use cutting edge biofeedback monitoring ( Psious VR therapeutics), Drumming and guitar expressive therapy (You Rock Therapy), LEGO therapeutics, STEMpathy skill training with VR, 3D printing and communication skill growth training, clinical play therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, strengths based therapy, art therapy, Autplay, sandtray and mindfulness training.. We offer one on one work as well as groups that are designed to grow confidence, creativity and interpersonal communications skills in participants. We also offer remote work to bring our creative, fun and evidence based approach to you.

Building Better Brains is the love child of award winning power team – Sian Chambers-Vallance (Professional Supervisor, Clinical Play Therapist, Allied Health and Educational Consultant) and Tony Vallance (Registered Counsellor, Australian Education Awards Teacher of the Year 2019, Victorian Excellence in Education Awards Finalist 2018, Drumbeat and Mindfulness Facilitator, Behaviour Support Specialist, STEM Education Specialist).