Innovate Excercise Physiology

Tucker Strength and Performance is a boutique family-owned and operated Exercise Physiology and Strength and Conditioning Clinic. Launched in 2016, in a friend’s gym, it has grown to become the clinic that it is today.

Specialising in chronic hip, back, and lower limb pain, we strive to turn Exercise Physiology into one of the mainstream treatment options for people recovering from an injury or condition. We use up-to-date scientific principles of exercise rehabilitation in all our sessions and treat the person as a whole, not just the injury/condition being presented.

Our business plan is to be something different from the norm, many people want to use hands-on therapy to relieve pain. We think that although this is a good option in the short term, the best thing to do long term is to stop the pain from coming back in the first place. Our goal is to not only rehabilitate you from your injuries but also educate and empower you to take control of your injury, condition, or health.

Run by a husband and wife team, Bennett is the face of the business. He has a degree in Exercise and Sport Science as well as a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology both from Deakin University. He is also a Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach, giving him the skills and experience to take someone from in pain to running a marathon. Bennett has a passion for helping people and assisting them to improve their health and wellbeing. Bennett has been accredited for 8 years and has a vast amount of experience with a number of different injuries and conditions. His main areas of interest are musculoskeletal injuries and athlete strength and conditioning. Outside of work, Bennett loves to stay fit and healthy and in summer you will find him behind his boat either waterskiing or wakeboarding. He is also a full-time dad to his little monster of a child Daisy, who loves to pop into the clinic from time to time and run amuck.
Bennett’s wife, Melissa, is the cool head behind the scenes. She keeps Bennett honest and helps with a lot of the marketing and admin of the business. You will occasionally hear her answering the phone or typing away on the computer when she gets a chance to come into the clinic, away from her part-time job as a school teacher

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